4 mai 22

Holman and FATEC Group Partner to Expand Global Fleet Coverage

Operating a transnational fleet often means navigating increasingly complex challenges on a global scale. Whether it's developing a cross-border vehicle funding model that ensures your fleet is an investment, not just a cost center, or adhering to the varying intricacies of in-country regulations and requirements, you're faced with the difficult task of adapting locally while still managing globally. With so many variables as your business moves across borders, you need strategic partners who deliver the consistency and transparency you need to keep your fleet moving forward.

To continue delivering unparalleled fleet flexibility and TCO control, Holman and FATEC Group are partnering to expand their combined footprint of global fleet support. 

Providing global fleet management solutions through srategic alliances

Together, Holman, a global automotive services company, and FATEC Group, the largest independent French fleet management company, will provide a truly global fleet management solution with a presence in every country throughout North America as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Belgium. Additionally, through strategic alliances around the globe, Holman and FATEC Group are proud to offer in-market expertise in 30 countries alongside the same consistent, integrated set of services you’ve come to expect whether you deploy a local, national, or transnational fleet.

“It is well known that fleet management in many areas of Europe lacks the basic visibility and flexibility organizations need to manage their fleet as a strategic business investment and control TCO. Similar to Holman, FATEC Group prioritizes transparency and simplicity and their emphasis on strategic planning throughout the vehicle lifecycle aligns with our vision for effective fleet management,” says Holman Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer Rick Tousaw (pictured left).




Expanding service footprint with customized fleet management and international expertise

FATEC Group CEO Théophane Courau (pictured right) agrees, “Beyond transactional management, analysis of consolidated fleet data combined with recommendations for corrective actions are key to maximizing returns on a fleet investment. Partnering with Holman enhances the value we can offer fleets and allows for an exciting expansion of our service footprint.”

Together, Holman and FATEC Group are poised to deliver powerful global tools, customized fleet management solutions, and the unrivaled international expertise multinational fleets need to continue generating revenue on a global scale.

For additional information about this exciting partnership, please visit Holman.com or FATEC-Group.com

Global Coverage Overview: dark blue (North America & Europe) represents the Holman-FATEC Group partnership, light blue and green represent coverage under the GFS alliance partners, EQSTRA and ORIX respectfully.