5 déc 22

How to achieve regional fleet efficiency, Global Fleet Conference VEx 2022

If you want to be a leader in fleet and mobility management and to achieve regional fleet efficiency, you must know how to streamline operations, the topic of the fourth and final session of the Global Fleet Conference 2022 VEx (virtual edition) taking place on Thursday (8 December).

Starting at 2pm (CET)/8am EST-USA, the conference will feature four sessions:

•    Supply chains: problems persist, but solutions exist
•    Global TCO: well worth the effort – and here’s how
•    Sustainability: turn going green into an opportunity
•    Regional fleet efficiency: if you want to lead, go lean

Regional Fleet Efficiency

Just as no two individuals are the same, each fleet region throughout the world is different, considering characteristics such as business culture, supplier options, customer needs, overall market maturity, and more.  

It this forth session, which kicks off at 4:10pm (CET), Global Fleet will stress the importance of knowing what binds the various fleet regions of the world and then using this knowledge to establish a Glocal approach (thinking global while acting local) in your fleet and mobility management policies.

Highlighted in the session will be a panel discussion counting on the participation of two leading fleet experts. 

While one will be Jim Petrillo (pictured top right) who is fleet and accounting services manager for Fujifilm holding in the United States and Canada, the other is David Trujillo (pictured top left) who is EHS Manager for the Latam region of multinational pharmaceutical company MSD, was awarded the title of 2022 Fleet LatAm Manager of the Year.

Following the panel discussion will be a presentation entitled “Making the Global Fleet Management Case in 2023” which will highlight the results of the 2022 Global Fleet Survey.

With a look at the winning strategies in global fleet management, the survey counted on the participation of 127 global fleet managers which helped to define ideal guidelines for Global Fleet Management success in 2023 and beyond. 

The day will wrap up with an introduction to the 2023 Global Fleet Conference, taking place 15-17 May in Cascais Portugal, as well as a closing statement by conference host and Global Fleet Editor in Chief Steven Schoefs.

Learn, share, and interact with colleagues, peers, and competitors at the Global Fleet Conference this Thursday. Register now for your free ticket. 

Photo (source: handouts)


Authored by: Daniel Bland