28 nov 22

Set your supply chain strategy for 2023 at the Global Fleet Conference VEx 2022

Increasing prices and geopolitical issues have been a tough test for fleet managers in 2022, yet 2023 will be no different with imminent recession at the door. Nevertheless, after the learning experience at the Global Fleet Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, the fleet community is preparing for the virtual experience (VEx) on 8 December 2022

The three-hour conference will focus on four key topics concerning the performance of global and international fleets:

  • Supply Chains
  • Global TCO
  • Sustainability
  • Regional Fleet Efficiency

The Global Fleet Conference 2022 Vex will end with an assessment of the Global Fleet Survey 2022 results, to highlight the critical points in determining global and international fleet strategies. 

No time to waste 

The problems infecting the global supply chain have forced many regional fleets to change their supply routes while pressuring fleet managers to endure long waiting times. But waiting is not an option anymore; there's no time to waste in 2023.

The Global Fleet Conference 2022 Vex will kick off at 14:00 CET, with the opening statement from Global Fleet Editor-in-Chief Steven Schoefs. The first session: "Supply Chains: problems persist, but solutions exist", will follow at 14:05, putting the solutions fleet managers are looking for on the table. The learning experience, presented by Supply Chain Economist and Phd. Alex van Breedam (pictured), will enable fleet managers to answer many essential questions about supply chains:

Take advantage of the last virtual sessions of grand brainstorming and networking at the Global Fleet Conference Vex 2022; register for free now



Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen