8 fév 23

Tackling sustainable procurement at the Global Fleet Conference

Why is sustainability so crucial for fleets? In a world of ruptured supply chains, geopolitical conflicts, and increasing economic strife, fleets worldwide are sharpening a new weapon for their strategy. At the Global Fleet Conference 2023, which will take place in Lisbon from 15-17 May, the spotlight will be on Sustainable Procurement. 

The goal of global fleets in 2023 is clear: Improving their fleet's efficiency while constantly decreasing the environmental impact. Merging governmental, social and ecological factors, Sustainable Procurement emerges as the most critical part of the decision-making process for fleets paving this path. At the Global Fleet Conference 2023, fleet industry experts will analyse the importance and adapting Sustainable Procurement processes to fleets worldwide. 

Driving the responsibilities of global zero-emission goals, Sustainable Procurement is a more extensive chapter for all global fleets, supporting them to solidify their supply chains, adapt to connectivity and reduce operational costs significantly. At the three-day marathon in Lisbon, fleet managers will have the chance to dive deep into Sustainable Procurement through the knowledge and experience of industry experts. 

The recipe for a powerful Global Fleet Strategy 

Without a roadmap, a global fleet strategy may become a puzzle, where data and suppliers add to the confusion. At the Global Fleet Conference 2023 in Lisbon, fleet industry experts, including the Global Fleet Manager of 2022, Guillaume de Subercasaux, will share their knowledge with fleet managers worldwide and go through five questions of Sustainable Procurement: 

  • Is your fleet really going green? 
  • How can Procurement lead to sustainability? 
  • What is 'think global and act regional' for you?
  • Can near-sourcing lead to a winning strategy?
  • How should you establish ties with suppliers?

The great gathering at Lisbon will allow fleet managers to learn, talk and discuss all vital skills and methods for building a robust global fleet strategy by incorporating Sustainable Procurement in their fleets. Some of the topics to be addressed by experts are:

  • Optimising sustainability of supply chains.
  • Re-discovering EV batteries: Recycling and repurposing.
  • Reaching decarbonisation and connectivity targets.
  • Adopting sustainable mobility options and more. 

Global Fleet Managers are eager to apply the lessons learned in 2022. By embedding sustainability in Procurement, fleet managers will create their powerful global fleet strategy, sitting on experience and knowledge. Register for the Global Fleet Conference 2023 to join the excellent learning experience. 

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen