31 jan 23

Fleet LatAm reveals ambitious 2023 program

Launched by Global Fleet, the worldwide media leader in international vehicle fleet management, the platform’s Latin America arm Fleet LatAm continues its journey to inform and inspire vehicle fleet decision makers with a responsibility in Latin America with a full schedule of expert and best practice sharing events in 2023. 
First of all, Global Fleet would like to announce that Fleet LatAm Advisory Board Chairman Pascal Serres will be supported by Latin America fleet category manager Rodrigo Monroy of Novartis. 

left to right, Pascal Serres and Rodrigo Monroy (copyright: Global Fleet)
“I am very pleased to welcome Rodrigo as vice-president of our board. Based out of Mexico, he will be providing key support to our Fleet LatAm colleagues,” says Mr. Serres. Rodrigo Monroy has a long track record as fleet manager in Latam, hence is ideally placed to keep the finger at the pulse of today and tomorrow’s fleet management trends in Latin America.
Aimed at supporting and inspiring corporate fleet and mobility managers by providing essential insight, analysis and understanding of the fleet industry, planned for 2023 is a new initiative known as the Fleet LatAm Expert Meeting
To be broadcasted online, three are planned this year. While the first is scheduled for March 7 and will cover hot-pressing issues such as supply chain matters and cost control, the next will take place in April zooming in on Fleet Sustainability while the last one in November will focus on the benefits of technology for vehicle fleet management.  
Also stay tuned for the Latam session at the Global Fleet Conference which will take place in Portugal (Cascais-Lisbon) from 15-17 May and the Fleet LatAm Conference which will occur in Mexico (Mexico City) from 25-26 September., with the support of event creator Laila de la Torre

With a goal to reach an affluent, decision-making audience of senior managers and professionals, also on the agenda are three digital magazines or E-Books. The first, to be published by late March, will be about translating fleet management trends in Latin America into policy.

It will be followed by one in June about technology for your Latam fleet, and another in October about the emerging fleet trends and key lessons learned from the Fleet LatAm Conference and tips to prepare for 2024.

Finally, Fleet LatAm is seeking to add value to fleet strategies and provide opportunities for fleet suppliers by way of its Fleet LatAm Advisory Board. Led by Fleet LatAm Chairman Pascal Serres and now supported by board VP Rodrigo Monroy, members of the newly formed board will be revealed shortly.  
“Fleet LatAm has acquired a new dimension, and this is reflected in our ambitious program for 2023. We are already working on strengthening the advisory board and putting together the program of our first digital conference due March 7 and e-book to be published March 29,” says Mr. Serres.  
“As 2023 will be full of political and economic uncertainties, networking and innovating is more necessary than ever."  

Also making up the Fleet LatAm team are Global Fleet Editor in Chief Steven Schoefs and Fleet LatAm Editor Daniel Bland.

left to right, Steven Schoefs and Daniel Bland (copyright: Global Fleet)

Authored by: Daniel Bland