27 sep 23

Fleet LatAm sheds light on the fleet management, leasing landscape

Considering the mergers and acquisitions activity that has taken place in the fleet management and leasing world recently, we cannot go without being curious about how the joining of ALD Automotive and LeasePlan will impact the market, one of the many topics discussed suring a roundtable discussion at the 2023 Fleet LatAm Conference

“We are carrying out a smooth integration process to ensure that the coming together of the companies will benefit all our customers. In the main countries of Brazil and Mexico, only about 20% of our customers are working with both ALD and LeasePlan," said ALD Automotive - LeasePlan LatAm Sales Director Sergio Lecue

According to Arval Global Business Development Director Ricardo de Bolle and Element Fleet Management VP of Sales in Mexico Tony Alonso, the merge will not impact the market that much and it could actually create some opportunities for them.

As for Localiza & Co which just entered the Mexican market, Mexico CEO Moisés Behar said that they have already opened up operations in some airports and have big plans in the country. “In the future, we seek to work in both daily rental and fleets as it is done in Brazil,” said Mr. Behar.

In terms of new technologies, all speakers during the session agreed on the importance of innovation to improve business efficiency, especially those related to data management. However, concerns about the confidentiality of information are slowing down the adoption of connected cars, especially in Brazil and Mexico.

The discussion was moderated by Fleet LatAm president Pascal Serres.

Top Photo: left to right, Pascal Serres, Ricardo de Bolle, Sergio Lecue, Tony Alonso, and Moises Behar (source: Fleet LatAm)


Authored by: Daniel Bland