19 sep 23

IWIF at Fleet Latam Conference: Celebrating Women's Impact in the Latin American Fleet Industry

In a historic first, the "Inspiring Women in Fleet" initiative will take center stage at the Fleet LatAm Conference in Mexico City; the IWIF session is set to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of women in the fleet industry across Latin America.


Sharing insights, experiences, and their commitment to promoting diversity within the fleet sector, Regina Granados De Ita, CEO of ALD | Leaseplan Mexico, Fernando Ferreira, Latin America, and Caribbean Sales Director at Lytx, and Deyanira Bautista, VP of Account Management and Client Experience at Element will participate in an engaging panel discussion, moderated by Fleet LatAm’s Laila de la Torre and chaired by Caroline Thonnon, IWIF Chair and CEO Nexus Communication.

Inspiring Stories

The heart of the event, however, lay in the inspiring stories of women who have broken barriers and made their mark in the industry. Paula Diniz Oliveira, Global Head of Fleet at Zoetis, will take the stage first. Her journey will showcase the tenacity, dedication, and leadership that brought her to the helm of a global fleet management role.

Following Paula, Liliana Anaya, General Manager of AMAVe, shared her story. As a prominent figure in the Latin American fleet arena, Liliana will highlight the importance of women's voices and perspectives in leadership positions.

Dulce Mosqueda, Fleet Manager Mexico at Ferrero, will conclude the series of inspiring stories. Her achievements underscored the diversity of roles women can excel in within the fleet industry, inspiring others to aim high and break stereotypes.


The "Inspiring Women in Fleet" lunch emphasizes the need for diversity and inclusion within the Latin American fleet industry, showcasing the remarkable contributions of women who have shattered glass ceilings and paved the way for future generations.

The speakers’ stories serve as a reminder that barriers can be overcome, and opportunities are limitless when talent and determination come together.

Authored by: Yves Helven