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Sherwin Williams' Claudia Roa Fragoso: Developing a Global Fleet policy in Latin America

Founded in 1866 in Cleveland Ohio, Sherwin Williams delivers paints, coatings, and related products worldwide with the support of more than 60,000 employees. Based out of Mexico, supporting the company’s objectives in Latin America is Claudia Roa Fragoso who is Fleet Manager in the region.

Besides being responsible for implementing the company’s global fleet policy for more than 900 vehicles in eight countries, Ms. Fragoso is in charge of annual purchase negotiations with automakers and importers in markets where direct purchases are carried out, vehicle assignments for new drivers, among other things.


Sherwin Williams


Claudia Roa Fragoso

Job Position

Latin America Fleet Manager

No. of Countries (Latin America)


No. of Employees (Latin America)

5,000 (61,000 Worldwide)

No. of Vehicles  (Latin America)


Owing to the scarcity of vehicle parts and the lack of automobiles which, according to the executive, has resulted in delivery times of more than 120 days, the biggest challenge for her today is keeping employees mobile enough to achieve the targets and objectives of the company.

“This requires developing strategies together with automakers and regional leasing providers,” said Ms. Fragoso, explaining that this calls for actions such as recalculating fleet options, extending leasing contracts, and analyzing vehicle brand options.

It all starts in Mexico

For Sherwin Williams, regional guidelines in all eight countries in its coverage area (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay) are centered around its Global Fleet policy. It was first implemented in Mexico.

“After seeing great results in Mexico, we developed and implemented an integrated and harmonized strategy for the rest of the region,” the executive said.

Although there are several differences between Latam countries such as culture, usage practices, guidelines, and regulations, it is the economic environments which impact policy making the most. As such, one of the most important things to address is optimizing spending strategies, according to the fleet manager. 

Independent of the challenges each country has, the real test is being able to manage a regional fleet after benchmarking a policy out of Mexico. What is needed is to remotely put together a strategy which implements a unified set of best practices across Latin America.

Sherwin Williams fleet trucks in Brazil (source: Jornal do Pintor)


Some of the keys to developing a steadfast regional policy include:

•    Achieving the best fleet efficiency rating possible
•    Controlling costs from acquisition to remarketing
•    Reviewing key performance indicators
•    Maintaining fleet safety and security
•    Assuring fleet policy compliance 
•    Modifying budgets to achieve corporate savings

2022 and beyond

“Given the instability of microchip shortages compiled with the lack of components and raw materials, I do expect uncertainties in the automotive industry to linger on into 2023,” said Ms. Fragoso.

However, “by anticipating the foreseen conditions in the market and preparing accordingly, my team and I put together a 2022 annual plan just before the close of 2021. With this, we are expecting to assure vehicle supply this year.”  

For more insight on fleet and mobility in Latin America, come to Mexico City in September for Fleet LatAm Conference 2022. More info to follow shortly.

top photo: Claudio Roa Fragoso (handout)

Authored by: Daniel Bland