13 oct 22
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Fleet Manager of the Year 2022 goes to Jonathan Kamanns

Fleet Manager of the Year 2022 goes to Jonathan Kamanns

Jonathan Kamanns of Boehringer-Ingelheim was announced the 2022 Fleet Manager of the Year at the AFLA (automotive fleet leasing association) conference in Tucson Arizona.

Mr. Kamanns, who is associate director for fleet and driver safety for the multinational pharmaceutical company, was awarded the North American title from a pool of 14 qualified candidates.
To win the award, he demonstrated a multitude of accomplishments: improving aspects of compliance, optimizing end-of-service vehicle sales, creating a sustainability review and roadmap, improving employee satisfaction and visibility, updating the account structure for more efficient billing and reporting, enhancing batch data feeds while reducing administrative tasks, and improving driver education.

Although Mr. Kamanns has been with the organization for just under two years, he has 18 years of total fleet experience. He currently manages a fleet of 3,200 units for Boehringer-Ingelheim.



Authored by: Daniel Bland