21 mar 19

Senior Management Changes at Toyota Finance Australia

Toyota Finance Australia (TFA) announced earlier this month than Glen Tomlinson would replace Ed Stanistreet as head of Toyota Fleet Management (TFM), with Stanistreet moving into a Vice President’s role, heading up the mobility charge for Toyota in Australia.

Within Australia, TFM vie with SG Fleet for the position of Australia’s largest Fleet Managers and the role that Tomlinson has accepted will be a difficult one. Over a period of 15 years Stanistreet has taken TFM from a minor player with a little more than 10,000 vehicles under management to a lead provider managing over 110,000 vehicles – over 25% market share.

Tomlinson GM of Fleet Management

Tomlinson comes to the role with over 25 years’ experience in fleet management and leasing, having spent 14 years at ORIX Australia before joining the team at TFM almost 13 years ago. He started out as a diesel mechanic before joining ORIX in their operations department in 1992. Since then he has overseen all aspects of the business, performing well in sales, operations, heavy commercial and even credit. To cap all that off, he completed an accounting degree in 2009, a law degree in 2017 and last year was admitted to practice law in NSW!

Connectivity, Mobility and a ‘needs based approach’

He agrees that the challenge is a difficult one but also sees the future for TFM as bigger and brighter than ever before. Tomlinson says that the industry is changing and that fleet mobility will be the big demand on fleet managers: “I think customers will move to shorter horizons and adopt a more agile approach to acquiring fleet. I see them taking more of a needs-based approach, such as mini leases, car sharing and ride sharing.” He says that “while TFM as a business is stable, the industry is going through some tremendous changes. Vehicle connectivity, especially within the Toyota family, is progressing quickly and true mobility will be dependent on the rapid deployment of connectivity.”

Connectivity and Mobility

Sources close to TFM are saying that while Tomlinson is sure to make his mark, the immediate future is likely to be a ‘steady as she goes’ approach. “Glen has a very mature approach to management but won’t be afraid to do things his own way. TFM is in a very strong position and he won’t want to upset that but he’ll also be very conscious of the need to develop mobility offerings quite different from traditional fleet management.” Tomlinson genuinely places the customer first and says that leadership is all about “empowering the team, letting them know that what they do is important to a customer’s experience.”

There has been a changing of the guard at one of Australia’s biggest fleet managers but don’t expect any great upheavals too soon.

Article authored by Shane Curran