7 juil 21

LeasePlan picks NewMotion as preferred charging partner in Europe

LeasePlan has chosen NewMotion as its preferred charging partner for Europe, providing LeasePlan customers with EV charging solutions at home, at the workplace and on the go.

Today, LeasePlan manages approximately 1.9 million vehicles in over 30 countries. As a founding member of the EV100, LeasePlan has committed to transitioning to zero emissions mobility, having the goal of achieving zero tailpipe emissions from its entire funded fleet by 2030, in support of the Paris Agreement.

Earlier this year, NewMotion reached its 200,000 chargepoint milestone in 35 European countries, doubling the number of chargepoints in its public charging network in just two years.

LeasePlan has chosen the Shell-owned company to support it with the installation of chargepoints, back-office technology for controlling the chargepoints and a charge card to access public chargers. The agreement will give LeasePlan customers access to one of the largest charging networks in Europe, including hundreds of ultra-rapid chargers at Shell service stations and locations across Europe.

LeasePlan customers will also benefit from having access to online tools that provide real-time information on availability, as well as the charging speeds of public chargepoints. All solutions can be tailored to fit any customers’ needs and lease drivers can be automatically reimbursed for the entire cost of all charging sessions with NewMotion, helping to make ownership more accessible. And for their on-the-go charging needs, EV-drivers will be equipped with the LeasePlan co-branded chargecard and app powered by NewMotion, providing drivers with access to public chargepoints in over 35 European countries.

Melanie Lane (pictured left), CEO at NewMotion said: “Over the past ten years, we have seen more and more people switching to EVs, along with an increased interest from companies to facilitate this. To make the transition seamless for both businesses and their employees, companies need a smart charging ecosystem that helps them to monitor and control their charging.”

The first phase of the roll-out will see LeasePlan customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway and Sweden access NewMotion’s charging network, before a roll-out across other European markets.

Photo copyright: NewMotion

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck