24 mai 22

Hertz to boost vehicle telematics platform and digital services with AWS

Global car rental giant Hertz has announced a partnership with cloud computing services providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bolster its investment in electrification, shared mobility and customer services. 

AWS plays a major role in digitising Hertz's customer services and its new mobility platform by improving telematics and data analytics capabilities. 

By incorporating the cloud computing services of AWS, Hertz aims to deliver a high-quality digitally-led customer experience and accelerate technology modernisation, thus driving innovation and agility across the company. 

The collaboration will boost the Hertz electrification process through several benefits: 

  • AWS will support the creation of an all-digital and electric vehicle (EV) based next-generation car rental service,
  • AWS will leverage a robust suite of technologies, supporting Hertz in building its EV rental fleet, including the global charging infrastructure.
  • Applying telematics to boost the digital customer experience, enabling contactless car rental and vehicle pickup experience in future for Hertz customers. 
  • Hertz will accelerate its cloud strategy and update the digital infrastructure to provide all digital services, including Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon Marketplace will support Hertz's digital services to aid the rental company in building a seamless customer experience, leveraging its EV fleet and building and scaling its global charging infrastructure. 

EV fleet is expanding 

As revealed by two recent announcements, Hertz is committed to an all-digital and all-electric future. In late 2021, Hertz ordered 100,000 EVs from Tesla. At the beginning of April, Hertz announced that it would purchase 65,000 EVs from Polestar in the coming five years. 

Hertz plans to roll out the first Polestar EV in Europe this year and North America and Australia in late 2022. 

Enhancing data analytics and telematics capabilities will help Hertz in providing better vehicle diagnostics to improve fleet management through its vehicle telematics platform. 

Image: Hertz

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen