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20 juin 19

AutoCorp starts operations in Uruguay

Renting and fleet management company AutoCorp has started operations in Uruguay as part of the Global Alliance with ALD Automotive and Wheels. AutoCorp is market leader in Argentina.  “Our arrival in Uruguay is a milestone in the history of our company as comes as part of a regionalisation strategy of the global alliance we are part of,” explains Alberto Vélez, CEO of AutoCorp (pictured) and a Fleet LatAm advisory board member.

The expansion to Uruguay fits into the global strategy of the Alliance to provide the largest possible coverage, in line with the increasing trend to outsource fleet administration. “This decision is also the result of AutoCorp`s leadership and the development achieved in Argentina which now expands into a new market. Our proposal is to provide regional coverage oriented to multinational companies,” adds Alberto Vélez.

The Global Alliance, started 10 years ago with the partnership between Europe-based ALD Automotive and US-based Wheels. Today the Alliance has a presence in over 56 countries and manages more than 2,100,000 vehicles.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs