15 déc 21

Mexico, key to TraXall Latam expansion plan

Since the appointment of Latin America CEO Andres Hernandez in 1Q20, global fleet and mobility management company TraXall International has been continuously expanding throughout the 33-country region.

Boasting 400 clients and managing some 200,000 vehicles worldwide, the Newcastle England based company seeks to reach approximately 10,000 managed cars in Latin America by 2023.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, TraXall has been quite active lately, according to Miguel Angel Prado (pictured above) who is chief revenue officer for the company in the Latam & Iberia regions.

Following previous launches in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and Chile, the company further expanded operations in Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador in 2020. It also manages vehicles in countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago.

“Although we are negotiating new customer contracts, some of our expansion plans stem from international clients from countries such as Colombia and Peru who have asked us to provide services in other countries, mainly in Mexico,” Mr. Prado told Fleet LatAm, the Latin America arm of Global Fleet.

Most popular car brands in Mexico (2020 sales)

Nissan 195,000 units -28% year-over-year
General Motors 151,000 units -29% y-o-y
Volkswagen 143,000 units remained stable
Toyota  77,000 units -28% y-o-y
Kia 74,000 units -23% y-o-y


Upcoming plans include further consolidating operations in Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, and Brazil, the latter two countries which saw their respective units launched in 2017,” added the executive.

Services provided in Latin America are similar to those provided in Europe. Much of it, however, is technical fleet management as having your own vehicles is still the most common fleet management model in the region.

Founded in 2010, TraXall International provides fleet and mobility related services associated with Business Process Outsourcing, Cost Control, Fines Management, Logistics Consulting, Supply Chain Assessment, Data Analytics, Fleet Electrification, Tax Advice, Accident Management, and Driver Management & Training.

TraXall is a member of the newly launched Global Fleet Marketplace, a new RFI tool where fleet and mobility managers can discover local and international vendors based on their product and services. For free membership, register here.

Authored by: Daniel Bland