15 sep 22

"A place to share topics, trends and improve offers" ALD Automotive

Following a rebound from the pandemic in late 2021, the war in Ukraine broke out in early 2022, and this has prolonged socio-economic challenges around the world such as surging energy and commodity prices as well as rising inflation and interest rates.

In Latin America, however, fleet and mobility players are creative and entrepreneurial, and this has been helping them to overcome challenges for quite some time now. 

Among the solutions in the market today are internationalizing fleet management and accelerating safe and sustainable employee mobility initiatives, just a few of the topics to be discussed at the Fleet LatAm Conference in Mexico City next week (19-20 September). 

“Latin America is a very specific continent which differs in legislations and maturity levels regarding mobility services, leasing options, and now electrification. We, the mobility players, need to adapt our offers to each necessity and accompany our customers in each step along the way to achieve the mobility they are expecting,” says Kent Bjertrup who is regional director for ALD Automotive in Latin America.

The conference [now in its 7th edition] allows the industry to be more present and create awareness in the market. ALD, their customers, and other mobility companies have found a space where they can share topics, trends and have discussions to improve the offers, and the positioning of mobility services, according to Mr. Bjertrup.

“We are expecting to get greater visibility of the current needs, as well as share our best practices, knowledge and expertise with other professionals of the industry and customers, it is always good to have feedback and insight of what is expected in the mobility industry,” says the executive.

ALD Automotive is one of the Founding Partners helping to bring the Fleet LatAm Conference to you. Register here to attend.

Authored by: Daniel Bland