25 aoû 23

Moises Behar, Localiza Mexico: Now in Latam’s second largest market

Although Brazil-based car rental and vehicle leasing company Localiza&Co (Localiza) has been around for more than five decades, it has just now made its move into Mexico, Latin America’s second largest market.

Boasted as the company with the largest fleet of its kind in Latin America (587,424 vehicles in 2Q23), I was fortunate enough to have an exclusive chat with the company’s CEO in Mexico, Moises Behar, who officially announced his position on Monday (21 August), the day of the company's launch in Mexico. 

Could you share your experience in the car rental industry and how it fits into the Localiza plan?

Behar: I've been in this industry for a lifetime: I'm talking about more than 30 years in the market with the main companies in the industry. In addition to collaborating with them, I have also been involved with the introduction of new franchises in the national market.

I believe that the 50-year legacy of Localiza in Brazil backed by its customer service policies and the differentiated services the company provides goes perfectly well with my experience, our competitive local team, and the love we all have for Mexico. 

These are the perfect ingredients to accomplishing a very good history in this country.

Are you more focused on car rentals or is corporate leasing also part of your plan?

Behar: For the time being, we are focusing 100% of our efforts on the car rental market. We first want to be present in the main areas of the country, but we intend to expand our presence thereafter through the provision of high quality services.

What differentiates Localiza services from the competition?

Behar: We are certainly very clear about what differentiates us so to benefit our clients. We want the car rental experience with Localiza México to be exceptional and this means less paperwork and streamlined procedures so that you can get your car in record time.

Our team is focused on facilitating payments for vehicles that are in optimal condition, and all through our own operations (no franchisees). This is all possible with the support of a company that has been in the business for more than five decades.

Are there any legislative changes needed to help Localiza do its job more easily?

Behar: Legislation is really not a problem for Localiza as we are able to adapt to the legal frameworks of any country we are operating in. Our services always fall in line with local laws, and we always respect the policies that the local market may demand on our operations.

What trends are you seeing, and do you see any of them as future opportunities?

Behar: We see a future filled with many opportunities. Although we are fully focused on the rental of private cars for now, we are keeping an eye on new trends and are always open to new business opportunities which could arise in the future.  

Besides eyeing the car rental trend vs. the acquisition of new cars, opportunities could include subscription cars for individuals as well as corporations, new mobility technologies and anything that results in improving the experience we can offer for our customers.

Mr. Behar will be one of the many key executives speaking at the 2023 Fleet LatAm Conference slated 25-26 September. He will be in a special session featuring executives from the largest players in the world. For more information and to reserve your ticket, click here.  

The new Localiza&Co team in Mexico with CEO Moises Behar standing center (courtesy of Localiza&Co)

Among the other members of the Localiza Mexico executive team are:
Ari Steroselsky de Jacobis, Operations Director
Gonzalo Bosque, Asset Management Director
Leonardo Lins, Finance Director
Lucas Amaral, Business Intelligence and New Business Director

Authored by: Daniel Bland