11 fév 19

Bird launches white-label platform

The electric scooter sharing company Bird Rides is launching a new platform to allow independent operators from around the world to start their own fleet of e-scooters.

Bird offers everything required for the management of a fleet of e-scooters, including a customized website. The entrepreneurs or investors are tasked with buying their scooters from Bird, registering a brand and obtaining a permit to operate in a given city. In return, Bird takes a 20 percent cut of all bookings through the franchised service.

“With the growing demand for access to e-scooters and the mounting evidence that points to their utility in helping improve mobility and reduce short car trips, Bird Platform will provide independent operators with the world-class tools, products and technology needed to efficiently manage a fleet of shared e-scooters,” Bird said in a statement.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck