9 jan 19

CES 2019: Ford cars will talk to … everything by 2022.

Ford pledged at CES 2019 that by 2022 it will start selling cars with dedicated technology to  communicate with anything on the street, from pedestrians to traffic lights, bringing connectivity to the streets. 

As from 2022 Ford will start selling cars featured with Ford’s cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology. As a result, the car will use wireless signals to share road data with other vehicles, from the colour of a traffic light to its location. 

By communicating to one another, and making drivers more informed about their surroundings, Ford believes it can enhance road safety, almost pulling the traffic light on-board, rather than having external road (safety) indicators only. Moreover, the communication will work in two directions, by equipping pedestrians with sensors and/or letting them use their smartphone to receive traffic alerts. For the moment, the technology will be installed in human-driven cars, but eventually it will be an important step towards Ford’s autonomous car project, as is tested at the moment in Pittsburgh. 

Image: Ford's future cars will be more connected, a step closer to autonomous mobility.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen