8 jan 19

Harman goes all the way at CES2019

Harman, a pioneering connectivity solutions provider, showcased a remarkable array of automotive connectivity innovations during the CES2019. Here is a snapshot. 

ADAS Sensing Technologies to improve safety

In order to help carmakers guarantee the safety on tomorrow's roads with autonomous vehicles, Harman is working on an all-encompassing suite of sensor technologies to enable a 360-degree view of the car. 

Additionally, HARMAN’s next level sensor intelligence will enhance the functionality of the data. By providing the ability to monitor, record and asses the vehicle's surroundings, and merging data across sensors and cloud, the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications and features should create a safer driving experience.

Furthermore, Harman’s sensors look inwards as well. Its advanced Cabin Monitoring System uses monitoring sensors to capture the most important first-order biometric features of a driver, in order to facilitate the hand-over phase from car to driver if the driver has to regain control.

Digital Cockpit to improve driver experience

Harman’s Digital Cockpit simplifies vehicle display layouts establishing an intuitive and cohesive layout rather than an overload of information. The goal is to foster consumer trust in the connected and autonomous vehicle. 

The Digital Cockpit comes in an application which will be scalable and suitable to various needs. The entry-level Digital Cockpit for instance, can also be integrated with a user’s smartphone to bridge multiple personal assistants.

Eventually, the Premium Digital Cockpit and the Compute Platform are an end-to-end package that integrates both infotainment and safety features. 

In-Vehicle communication

To further improve the driver experience, Harman announced its Premium Communications solutions at CES as well. The first-of-its-kind modular offering is designed to elevate today’s in-vehicle communication environment to enable clear conversations for al occupants within a vehicle, with each other, with digital voice assistants and with external call recipients. 

Secure connectivity

Increased connectivity might provoke increased cyber-security risks. Therefore, Harman unveils its HARMAN SHIELD, which functions as the car’s security system, by detecting, managing, mitigating and responding to cyber-attacks on connected and autonomous vehicles. 

Moreover, to ensure smooth connectivity and data traffic, Harman is working to equip more vehicles with its 5G Telematics for vehicle to everything (V2X) communications. Harman’s multiple in-vehicle solutions, from diagnostics to driver profiles, can also be all controlled via the Ignite Automotive Cloud Platform, which can be updated via the Harman Remote Vehicle Updating Service (OTA).

These features are but a snapshot of Harman’s complete offer of automotive connectivity solutions and technologies, but they offer a great snapshot of what the future of connectivity might bring.

Image: Sensors in the front of a connected car as part of Harman's all-encompassing suite of sensor technologies.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen