12 oct 18

Increasing Charging Points to Increase EVs

Charging points and EVs, it is a chicken and egg problem; yet, ChargePoint and EVBox, two of the world’s leading EV charging networks, are leading the way by facilitating charging around the world. 

During the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in San Francisco in September, both companies pledged to install more charging points by 2025, in order to speed up the EV transition. EVBox wants to install 1 million charging points, up from its current 60,000; while ChargePoint wants to have 2.5 million charging points in total.

An Open Network

Additionally, last week they announced there were joining forces to enable EV drivers to roam between charging networks throughout Europe and North America. As a result, EV drivers will no longer have to register for multiple accounts, nor will they have to pay additional fees when roaming. 

The partnership is the first of its kind globally and enhances both companies’ pledges during the GCAS to provide an open, accessible network, of in total 3.5 million charging points. 

By providing charging solutions around the globe and increasing accessibility to them, both companies aim at speeding up the transition towards eMobility. Moreover, it's part of Chargepoint’s open network philosophy, of which the strategic partnership with EVBox is a result.

Chargepoint wants to provide the most open, secure and robust network anywhere by partnering up with charging point operators and the one hand and e-mobility service providers at the other hand. As a result, it should be possible that any charging stations can be used by any driver and accessed through any system.  

Open Charge Point Protocol

This is possible thanks to the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) interface. This independent protocol enables network operators to exchange key information needed to provide roaming services. As a result, EV drivers can charge in three easy steps: (1) connect any system and all OCPP compliant hardware to the ChargePoint network; (2) Manage any charging station through one central platform with the ChargePoint Operator Network; (3) Charge. 

ChargePoint claims it operates the most advanced and open EV charging network in the world. The Network is open and interoperable with various other mobility services both in North America and in Europe. Moreover, ChargePoint is one of the founding members of ROEV, an organisation founded to support interoperability in North America. At the moment the ChargePoint Network consist out of minimum 49,000 AC and DC charging spots, including stations from 12 different manufacturers. 

Chicken and Egg

Eventually, reminding the chicken end egg paradox, EVBox and Chargepoint believe that the better the access to charging points, the more drivers will make the switch to drive electric. 

The philosophy is shared by other companies, such as Tesla, which has globally installed 10,000 charging points, and is planning to expand its network of Superchargers, however most of them are planned in Europe, China and US. And currently, to speed up the transition towards Zero Emission Vehicles in the US, Electrify America, Volkswagen’s subsidiary, pledged to invest $2 billion in Zero Emission Vehicle infrastructure and education programmes.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen