1 nov 18

TDA - Companies, Cities and Countries for electric vehicles

The Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) brings together cities, companies and countries as the major drivers of sustainable, low carbon mobility in order to speed up the transition towards carbon neutral transport.

Launched in November 2017 during the Bonn Climate Conference (COP23), the TDA aims to accelerate the worldwide transformation of the transport sector towards a net-zero emission mobility system before 2050, the deadline of the Paris Agreement.

Game changer

Founded by a few members, Costa Rica, France, the Netherlands, Portugal (countries); Alstom, Itaipu Binacional and Michelin (companies); and Paris Process on Mobility and Climate, the TDA aims to become the most visible and influential forum for public and private cooperation and to be the game changer that will ensure the transport sector's contribution to the Paris Agreement’s objectives, based on the commitments of Heads of States, Mayors and CEOs. This includes emissions from all modes of passenger and freight transport, including transport via land, air and water.

Therefore, the TDA designed a common vision for front runners to decarbonise transport by crafting a realistic fast track pathway, and a variety of tools which the members can consult and use to decarbonise their part of the sector. What's more, the TDA creates ‘3Cs Communities of Interest’ on specific topics, where experiences and best practices will be shared, and collaborations can be set up. Eventually, the TDA aims to influence political decision makers in key international fora on climate change, sustainable development, international political processes and conferences, by demonstrating that decarbonisation is technically feasible, economically attractive and brings social and environmental benefits


All TDA members have to sign the TDA charter, reaffirming their commitment, which eventually must lead to a zero net emissions transport sector as soon as possible and far ahead of the Paris Agreement 2050 target.

Eventually, all organisations that have specific relevant experience can join the TDA as supporting organisation as well. The end goal is to make optimum use of all knowledge and experience in order to decarbonise transport worldwide.

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Authored by: Fien Van den steen