4 nov 19
Fil d'Actus

TMS19: No cars at the Toyota Mobility Theme Park

Whilst some manufacturers carefully select one or the other futuristic vehicle to be displayed at motor shows alongside the existing range of vehicles, Toyota surprised everyone by not showing a single car. Instead, the Japanese giant showcased a variety of prototypes. Turns out: the Toyota engineers have a pretty good sense of humor.

The receptionists at the booth, for instance, received some help from HSR, a robot capable of recognizing and handing over documents and other objects. It delicately gave out brochures to visitors and returned business cards to the receptionists. Other "recharging" robots were "driving" around the booth, ready to power electric  

The most surprising “vehicle” however, is the e-broom, reminiscent of the brooms used by witches to fly through the air. Not realistic at all, but it’s clear that Toyota is looking at various types of integration of technology in the daily lives of its customers.

Authored by: Yves Helven