17 avr 19

Peugeot’s heart beats: New 508L PHEV

The French carmaker has repositioned its image to fit the Chinese market. With the tagline “Feel your heart beat”, Peugeot wants to secure its place in a modern and dynamic territory.

And it might very well succeed to do so; Peugeot answers the Chinese demand for SUVs (4008 and 5008) as well as it quest for electrification with the brand new 508L PHEV, presented at Auto Shanghai 2019.

The 508L was already on display at the Guangzhou Motor Show in November 2018. The L version is what the Chinese like in sedans, more legroom and the possibility for the chauffeur-driven client to enjoy the car from the backseat.

Peugeot confirms that its full range, including the 308 and 408, are compliant with the new CN-6 pollution regulations.

Authored by: Yves Helven