28 mar 23
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Targa Telematics connects Ford to its telematics platform

Targa Telematics connects Ford to its telematics platform

Global fleet data management and integration solutions provider Targa Telematics has announced a strategic partnership with Ford to access automakers’ connected vehicle data.

By accessing OEM-generated data, Targa Telematics aims to develop advanced IoT solutions and improve digital platforms’ connected mobility. The agreement will allow Targa to develop solutions for commercial fleets and fleet customers in collaboration with the Ford Pro division. Integrating fleet data streams into its digital platforms enables Targa to provide advanced mobility services and offer performance-related insights for fleets. 

Targa’s efforts to access OEM data make the telematics company a pioneer in OEM data management, harvesting the in-vehicle data of automakers to offer better-connected car solutions. In early 2023, Targa Telematics added BMW and MINI to its data stream and acquired Viasat Group to enhance global operations. 

“The partnership with Ford, which follows a series of similar agreements with other major players in the automotive industry, allows us to consolidate our focus on global data integration and strengthen our strategy to integrate data streams from each manufacturer’s in-vehicle systems to develop increasingly innovative connected mobility solutions that serve our customers,” says Alberto Falcione, Targa Telematics VP Sales.

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen