10 aoû 20

Wikifleet Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela now updated

Wikifleet pages for the Andean countries of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela have been updated and, according to this brief analysis, one remains lagging while the other two are showing potential even amidst the global health pandemic.

Colombia, the most populated of the three, entered 2020 with light vehicle sales in 2019 seeing an uptick of 2.7% year-over-year to 263,684 units. While pickup sales rose 4.6% to 3,021 units, the sale of premium passenger vehicles rose 12.3% to 12,766 units and electric vehicles jumped 236% to 3,134 units.

For the latter, 1,772 hybrid vehicles were sold, 923 battery electric vehicles, and 439 plug-in hybrids. Overall, the best-selling brands in the country were Renault (57,066 units), Chevrolet (46,521), Nissan (21,579), Mazda (20,424), and Kia with 20,015 units.

Kia Picanto, among the best-selling models (overall, as well as fleet) in Colombia (source: Kia)

Ecuador fared even better coming into 2020 as it saw a 28% increase in light vehicles sales in 2019 to 174,466 units. The uptick was led by Chevrolet with 63,679 units sold, followed by Kia (26,429), Toyota (12,501), Hyundai (10,555), and Great Wall with 8,287 units.

The best-selling luxury brand in the country was Mercedes with 472 units sold, followed by BMW, Audi, Volvo, and Porsche, according to the country’s Wikifleet page.

As for Venezuela, most already know of the ongoing economic crisis the country has been going through for nearly 10 years. Although new light vehicle sales plummeted 98% from 2012-17, performance does seem to be slowly returning with 2019 sales doubling but only to a mear 4,500 units.

Despite no reports of manufacturing, Toyota was practically the only OEM with a production facility in Venezuela last year. Plants from virtually all other manufacturers have been closed down.

Amidst the Pandemic

Many questions have risen since the start of the global crisis earlier this year but one thing for sure is that South America has not escaped the clutches of the pandemic.

These three countries, however, do seem to be faring better than many of their neighbors and it will only be a matter of time until things get back on track. For now, there are companies that are facing the pandemic head on, and have even expanded their operations in the region, especially in Colombia. 

Among them are last-mile mobility companies iFood (Brazil) and Rappi (Spain), the latter which deployed autonomous delivery bots in the city of Medellín earlier this year, as well as leasing group Arval-Relsa which opened up a new office in May and Argentina-based RDA Renting expanding operations into the country shortly thereafter

Rappi delivery bots roam the streets of Medellín (source: Rappi)

The market in Ecuador should gradually bouncing back soon but Venezuela may take a bit longer. For more information about these and other countries, visit the Global Fleet Wikifleet pages here.

Authored by: Daniel Bland