9 aoû 23

Celebrating Excellence: Fleet LATAM Car Awards Recognize Popular Corporate Choices

The Car Awards

In a celebration of automotive excellence and corporate mobility trends, the upcoming Fleet LATAM Conference is set to host, for the first time, the Fleet LatAm Car Awards. This recognition is a testament to the dynamic partnership between the leasing industry and corporate fleet management, highlighting the most sought-after vehicles in Latin America's corporate fleets, segmented as "Car of the Year", "EV of the Year" and "LCV of the Year."

Collaborative Selection Process

What sets the Fleet LATAM Car Awards apart is their unique approach to acknowledging automotive achievements. Unlike traditional competitions that pit vehicles against each other in a race for supremacy, these awards focus on celebrating the undeniable success of each participating vehicle. It's a celebration of the collective impact and popularity these vehicles have achieved in the corporate Latin American fleet landscape.

The selection process for the Fleet LATAM Car Awards is a collaborative effort, involving key players in the industry. Leasing companies from across Latin America contribute their insights, providing experiences and data on the best-selling vehicles in the region. 

Equally integral to the awards are the contributions from fleet managers operating in Latin America. These professionals, with their fingers on the pulse of corporate mobility, provide input based on real-world usage and practical considerations. Their feedback offers a comprehensive view of the vehicles that excel in meeting the diverse needs of businesses across the region.

The Leaser's Choice winners

Over 15 representatives of leasing companies across the region, alongside our Fleet LatAm experts, have already elected the best vehicles in each category. We have cross-referenced their shortlists, with support from our own experts, delivering the following list of vehicles, each a winner on their own:



The Fleet Managers' Choice

As the Fleet LATAM Car Awards draw closer, time has come for the Fleet Managers to cast their votes. The selections of each of the categories will be unveiled during the Awards Ceremony at the Fleet LatAm Conference, on September 25th 2023, in Mexico City.

This awards ceremony will not just be a moment to announce winners; it will be a celebration of the automotive industry's ability to cater to the evolving demands of businesses. It underscores the symbiotic relationship between leasing companies, fleet managers, and vehicle manufacturers, all working in harmony to provide reliable, efficient, and high-performing options for corporate mobility.

> Fleet Managers, your vote matters!  Let us know which models are the Latam vehicules of the year by voting here



Authored by: Yves Helven