10 fév 20

Claudia Márquez, Hyundai Mexico: “A hybrid sedan with a progressive design”

One of the main trends in Mexico in recent years is the growing demand for hybrid vehicles, something that Hyundai Motors can capitalize on if its new Ioniq sedan continues to gain traction in the market.

This week, we had a chance to pick the mind of Claudia Márquez who is the CEO and President of Hyundai in the country. Join us in our brief talk about the Ioniq and other offerings the Korean manufacturer is marketing in Latin America’s second largest national vehicle parc, Mexico.

What is the main objective of Hyundai Motor México this year and how will you achieve this?

Márquez: Our main goal in 2020 is to make a profit for both the brand and our distributors and we aim to do this by being closer to customers and by maintaining a reputation of being a brand that offers quality as well as trust.

In fact, in a 2019 study on Vehicle Quality and Reliability, JD Power recognized Hyundai as the best volume brand in Mexico and we are committed to maintaining this image on a day-by-day basis.

Is Hyundai Mexico prepared for the new USMCA agreement?

Márquez: USMCA is important for the industry and what we intend to do is to keep track of the final agreements currently being worked on. For us, we are planning to adapt appropriately to the new rules and implement them into our operation.

What is Hyundai doing in terms of technology in its cars today, and is it available in Mexico?

Márquez: One of the pillars for Hyundai vehicles is technology. In terms of connectivity, we are exploring new ways of implementing autonomous driving as well as roadside assistance. We will be gradually incorporating a variety of new developments in the coming years.

In Mexico, all Hyundai models have travel computers, smart phone connectivity, navigation tools, and infotainment features.

What types of car models is Hyundai offering in Mexico and are they different than those in other countries?
Márquez: Each market has its strategy and particular vehicles to achieve its objectives. In Mexico, Hyundai has a single offering nationwide. It entails 12 models in the segments of sedans, hachtbacks, SUVs and utility vehicles.

All Hyundai vehicles worldwide maintain the same standards of quality and reliability. What changes is the number of models being offered and this depends on the demand in each market.

One thing to note is that hybrid vehicles are gaining in popularity nowadays, especially for fleet operators.

What is one of the key opportunities you see for Hyundai in Mexico this year?
Márquez: Like I said, the hybrid vehicle market has been growing steadily in Mexico recently. Besides offering fuel cost savings, these types of vehicles help to preserve the environment by cutting down on harmful emissions.

Hyundai's proposal for this growing market is the Ioniq 2020, a hybrid sedan with a remarkably original and progressive design. The 2020 version boasts a facelift to its exterior design as well as technological innovations to its equipment, including driver assistance features and others.

In 2019, Ioniq sales in Mexico was 52% up year-over-year and we expect the trend to continue.

2020 Hyundai Ioniq (source: Hyundai)

Speaking of electrification, when do you think fully electric vehicles will be a viable option in Mexico?
Márquez: Interest in electric vehicles in Mexico is on the rise. However, infrastructure investment is still lacking, something that could boost growth in the market if accelerated.

Although Hyundai does have a global line of electric vehicles, we are still evaluating the scenario in Mexico. We are working on an action plan which would include incorporating these vehicles into the country at the best time possible.

Authored by: Daniel Bland