27 jan 21

EV drivers want more workplace chargers

A rapidly growing number of company car drivers and their work colleagues expect their employers to invest in more electric vehicle charge points at their workplace.

A new survey conducted by Ipsos of 3,600 people in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, and the UK has found that two-thirds of EV drivers believe there is a need for more workplace chargers.

The research discovered that 40% of EV drivers plug in their vehicles at work, although the majority (72%) recharge their vehicles at home.

Workplace chargers always occupied

Rising sales of EVs mean the relatively small number of workplace chargers are often occupied, with drivers of battery electric and plug-in hybrid cars reporting that they can only find a spare charger 29% of the time. Two-thirds of EV drivers would like to see more workplace charge points to ease this pressure and shorten queues, while 20% of EV drivers would like to see their businesses invest in fast chargers at the workplace.

Grants for workplace chargers

Businesses can access government grants in some countries to offset the full cost of installing workplace chargers. In Berlin, for example, companies can apply for subsidies of up to €2500 per AC charging station and up to €30,000 per DC fast charging station, while in the UK businesses can reclaim up to 75% of the cost of purchasing and installing as many as 40 charge points.

EVs on company car choice lists

The survey found that EVs are increasingly available on company car choice lists, with 20% of employers offering them to fleet drivers, although there are differences between countries. The UK leads the way, with 27% of companies including EVs on their car policies, a popular move given that zero emission company cars do not currently incur any benefit in kind tax. In Norway, the European leader in terms of EV uptake, 21% of businesses offer EVs on their company car choice lists, while the figure for Germany is 19%, Belgium is 18%, The Netherlands 17% and France 16%.

The inclusion of EVs on company car choice lists could be a powerful recruitment incentive, with more than half of company car drivers in some countries wanting to work for an employer that offered EVs.

Supporting sustainability

The offer of an electric company car is a powerful message for workers who think environmental issues and sustainability should be important considerations for their employers. The survey found that about two-in-five people work for a company that has a sustainable vision, with The Netherlands (43%) well ahead of Germany (32%) and France (31%).

The Ipsos study was commissioned by EV charging specialist EVBox, where Kristof Vereenooghe, president and CEO, said: “This research confirms that there is pressure on businesses to adopt electric mobility for the benefit of employees, society, and our planet. Businesses have the chance to lead by example by electrifying their fleets and encouraging their employees to use electric vehicles. This also shows that the provision of charging infrastructure at workplaces is key to accelerating the adoption of electric mobility in Europe.”


Images: Kia, EVBox

Authored by: Jonathan Manning