6 mai 19

Software-locked 150-km Model 3 unlocks $5,000 bonus in Canada

Tesla is launching a Canada-only “Standard Range” variant of the Model 3. At $44,999 (CAD) it is about $9,000 cheaper than the Standard Range Plus, but only gives you 150 km of range.

The battery pack of the Standard Range is the same as the Plus’s, though: its capacity and output are limited by software only. Why would Tesla do that? Tax reasons, of course. To be eligible for a $5,000 tax incentive towards EVs, the entry-level price must be lower than $45k.

"To be eligible for incentives, a vehicle must have a base-model manufacturer’s suggested retail price of less than $45,000 for passenger vehicles with six or fewer seats, and less than $55,000 for vehicles with seven or more seats. For eligible vehicles with six or fewer seats, higher priced versions (trims) are eligible as long as the final manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $55,000 or less," a government statement reads.

That means that the other Model 3s also come with a $5,000 gift voucher from the Canadian treasury. It also means that Tesla doesn't really intend to sell the entry-level Model 3: 150km is prohibitively low and makes the car almost impossible to use. 

Those who had hoped to unlock the extra kWh afterwards against a premium - a service that Tesla has been offering on other markets - will be disappointed to learn that the Canadian government puts a legal spanner in the works. No upgrade is possible afterwards - at least not officially.


Authored by: Dieter Quartier