10 jan 22

Double interview with Mercedes-Benz Corporate Sales: “Let’s meet in person in 2022”

As we reported last month, Sabrina Eickelkamp (right) has been appointed head of International Corporate Sales as Mercedes-Benz Cars, replacing Stefan Herbert (left), who now is CEO of Mercedes-Benz Consulting. At the start of this new year, Fleet Europe asked both about their momentous career changes. 

Sabrina, happy New Year! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

“I’m from near Cologne and moved to Stuttgart 17 years ago, where I live with my husband and three children. Following my Economics studies, I worked in various Mercedes-Benz Sales departments, from aftersales to fleet sales as well as sales operations. I’m extremely proud that in the past I have already been part of the international fleet community.” 

What can you tell us about your goals as the new Senior Manager of International Corporate Sales at Mercedes-Benz?

“First off, I’m super curious to learn how our corporate customers are dealing with the ongoing transformation in automotive, and what their requirements are. My goal is that Mercedes-Benz as a brand appropriately responds to those requirements, and that we offer a high-quality, best-in-class customer experience, via Mercedes-Benz International Corporate and Direct Sales.”

Also best wishes to you Stefan! Looking back at your time in Sabrina’s chair, what strikes you as the main change during that period?

“My team and I prioritized our fleet customers and their needs. As a result, we understood the need to streamline management processes and accelerate digitization. As an example of the latter: we switched to a fully digital contracting process for all customers, including digital signature. That led to a more efficient approval process across all signature-specific requirements.”

Can you tell us a bit about your new role as CEO of Mercedes-Benz Consulting? 

“I’ll be responsible for further developing this Daimler-owned consulting company, as well as offering support to Mercedes-Benz in the fast-changing and disruptive world of 2022 and beyond.”

And finally, what’s your New Year’s message to international fleet customers? 

“Fleet and mobility will evolve faster than ever before. Disruptive tech, such as e-mobility and MaaS, will conquer the fleet world – but there’ll also be material shortages and supply-chain disruptions. To be prepared for these challenges, it is absolutely key to be agile and sophisticated when it comes to market and management flexibility.”

Sabrina, the last word is for you. What’s your message regarding 2022 for fleet customers?

“I look forward to strengthen the trust and cooperation that exists with our valuable fleet customers. I hope 2022 will give us more opportunities to meet in person, as I miss face-to-face interaction with our customers – because this business is first and foremost people business.”

Images: Mercedes-Benz 2021.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs