24 juin 21

ChargePoint introduces 'most complete portfolio' for fleet electrification

EV charging network specialist ChargePoint aims to become the best global fleet electrification solution for fleets in all sizes. In this context, ChargePoint has launched a global fleet solution that includes several components which integrate scalability, fleet software, fueling hardware and maintenance regarding EV charging. The concept needs to secure a smooth transition to fleet electrification.

Software solutions for efficient fleet management

ChargePoint’s global solution offers three software solutions which combine charging and operations management.

Energy management is supported by ‘depot software’ to minimize costs and ensure operational efficiency, while ‘mobility software’ helps drivers to find easy access to public charging points while enabling several payment options. ‘Home software’ enables drivers to charge their vehicles at home, also giving fleet managers the ability to manage all business operations.

Through Application programming interfaces (APIs) and global partnerships across telematics, fleet and asset management systems, ChargePoint solutions aim to create a smooth integration with existing fleet operations.

Modular charging platform for optimized charging

ChargePoint Express Plus (EXPP) DC charging platform is based on three modular components to offer an efficient charging system. 

EXPP Power Block can house up to five self-contained EXPP Power Modules, distributing energy up to 200 kW. Vehicles are charged through EXPP Power Link, supporting two cables compatible with all standard connector types.

Three modular components can be used for different parking configurations and vehicles in different sizes, while using multiple EXPP Power Blocks optimizes power sharing and flexibility.

ChargePoint provides an 80-amp AC charging solution for fleets in North America. The Express Plus DC fast charging platform will be available in summer 2021 and the 80-amp AC charging solution in the fall of 2021, both for early access customers.

Since 2007 ChargePoint is creating a new fueling network to move people and goods on electricity. Today the company provides access to hundreds-of-thousands of places to charge in North America and Europe.

Author: Müfit Yılmaz Gökmen
Picture copyright: ChargePoint