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12 oct 20

Achieving success in fleet management safety - PepsiCo Mexico

Safety, Connectivity and Mobility are the three main ingredients for achieving vehicle fleet management success, according to Isaias Vera who is Environmental, Health and Safety Senior Manager for PepsiCo in Mexico, highlighting that driving constitutes the most significant work-related hazard at the multinational firm.

Companies need to prioritize safety in their operations and part of this calls for the use of connectivity in their fleet and mobility plans.  Fleet managers must first define the technology they will use, meaning the option they see best fit to collect key data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

“They must also establish a risk level algorithm to address bad driver behaviour such as speeding and harsh acceleration, braking and cornering. Once this is done, set up the best business process for your needs,” Mr. Vera said at Fleet LatAm Conference 2020.

Process entails the specifics on preparation and execution as well as ongoing control, feedback and adjustments, the executive said, pointing out enablers such as efficient change management from your staff, data analysis through the right technology, and overall governance from your technology supplier.

This is where telematics comes in. Besides giving you access to key information, your supplier should enable remote supervision from a computer, cell phone or tablet. 

Other things to look out for, according to the executive, are driver distraction and drowsiness which can be identified through facial identification monitoring. Remember that these and other driver mistakes often occur without the driver actually being aware of it.

Moreover, a huge task that needs to be addressed in your fleet management is accident reconstruction, meaning the need for an efficient and cost-effective action plan after each accident.

PepsiCo Performance

During his talk, Mr. Vera also pointed out KPI’s to achieving a safe fleet such as the Safe Drive Index (SDI) and Vehicle Collision Frequency Rate (VCFR) put together by the Food & Beverage company. Compared to 2019, he highlighted that the company’s SDI has jumped 32 points to 97% in 2020 so far, and that its VCFR was down 27% to 5.8 accidents (per 1 million km).

slide from Pepsico presentation (source: PepsiCo/Fleet LatAm)


“Currently, 68% of our drivers have a perfect record of driving,” said Mr. Vera.

To wrap up, the executive pointed out that one of the biggest bets and cultural transformers in terms of accomplishing road and fleet safety today can be summed up into one word, and that word is Telematics.

At the Fleet LatAm Conference, Mr. Vera gave a Keynote entitled "Telematics, the best bet for safe driving”. He was introduced by Rebeca Allegre who is project director for telematics solutions and strategic accounts for local telematics firm MétricaMóvil, a reseller for multinational telematics company Geotab.

The 2020 Fleet LatAm Conference took place 29-30 September. Sponsored by Geotab, Element-Arval global partnership, Cepa Mobility Care and Trimble, the first day was wrapped around Safety in Fleet & Mobility and the second day addressed Opportunities in the New Normal.

Authored by: Daniel Bland