27 nov 23

It won´t happen to you? Prioritize road safety

With the holiday season around the corner, it is a time to appreciate your family and that means paying attention to road safety and reducing the possibility of a fatal car accident, an occurrence in which many people think “oh no, it won’t happen to me”.

Almost 90% of people know someone who has died because of a road accident and some 95% know someone who has been injured in a car crash, according to Mexico fleet manager association AMAFA.
In Mexico, more than 16,000 road traffic deaths occur every year according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and they are commonly due to distractions and by making wrong decisions. Among the wrong decisions are: 

•    Using the cell phone while driving
•    Getting angry while driving
•    Eating while driving
•    Fighting with others in the car while at the wheel
•    Driving fast because you didn’t give enough time to get to your destination

Every day, more than one million lives are lost due to road traffic incidents, and this is the leading cause of death of young adults and older children, according to WHO.

This not only results in a death but this tragedy impacts the lives of friends and families around them, AMAFA road safety advisor Jaime Bringas says (pictured left, handout). 

“When you are driving in traffic, remember the good times you have with your friends, your family, and your children, and the support they give you. You don’t want to miss their company or miss the good memories. Prioritize safety” Mr. Bringas told Fleet LatAm, the Latin America arm of Global Fleet.

To assure your safety, always use a seat belt in a car and a helmet when on a motorcycle or bicycle, make sure young children buckle up with car seats or booster seats, obey speed limits and traffic laws, and make sure to drive without distractions such as using a phone or texting while at the wheel.

Moreover, be alert while crossing the street, only ride in marked taxis, avoid riding in overcrowded, overweight, or top-heavy buses or minivans, and last but not least, do not drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs and do not ride with drivers that are.

With that said, remember to prioritize road safety, not only during the holidays, but always. Fleet drivers and private drivers alike, make sure that you make the right decisions not only to reduce accidents but to preserve much needed and invaluable memories. 

Top Photo: driver using phone while at the wheel (copyright: Shutterstock 1159653304)

Authored by: Daniel Bland