18 sep 19

Mobileye explains in Fleet LatAm webinar how to increase fleet safety via technology

Fleet LatAm, in collaboration with Mobileye Vision Technologies, has launched a webinar which explains how collision avoidance technology can increase vehicle fleet safety in Latin America.


Safety is paramount in fleet management, especially in Latin America where road infrastructure and driver behaviour optimization are not always ideal.


One way to improve safety is by implementing technology such as cameras, sensors, and visual signals. Besides helping drivers through blind spot assistance and many other ways, these technologies can help fleet operators reduce overall costs and improve return on investment, especially for large LCV or truck fleets.


The webinar counts on the expertise of Ernesto Pesochinsky who is Director of Latin America for Mobileye, an Intel company which is focused on vision-based advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that provide warnings for collision prevention and mitigation. During his talk, he presents a case study from a fleet manager in the region as well as other data. 


“If you can alert a driver two seconds before a potential accident, you can avoid nearly all accidents. And if you can alert 1.5 seconds beforehand, about 90% of collisions can be avoided,” Mr. Pesochinsky says in the webinar.


Other statistics mentioned were that 94% of traffic accidents are caused by human error, in which 80% of these are due to driver distraction, and that pedestrians make up 22% of traffic accident deaths.


Presenting other interesting facts and complementary data are experts from international consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan. As the live broadcast was produced in both Portuguese and Spanish, two different consultants spoke on the company’s behalf.


Senior Consultant Guira Barretto attends the discussion in Portuguese and Industry Analyst Martin Singla covers the transmission in Spanish. Meanwhile, the moderators of the broadcast are Fleet LatAm advisory board members Daniel Bland (Portuguese) and Jose Carlos Criado (Spanish). 


The webinar in Portuguese





 The webinar in Spanish


Authored by: Daniel Bland