21 aoû 23
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Mercado Libre seeks partners to electrify Latam fleet

Mercado Libre seeks partners to electrify Latam fleet

Latin America ecommerce giant Mercado Libre is working hand-in-hand with New York-based startup incubator and business solutions company Newlab to electrify the Buenos Aires company’s delivery fleet.

Through Newlab's Low Carbon Logistics Studio, the partnership involves finding ways to overcome challenges and taking advantage of opportunities which will enable Mercado Libre to deploy 10,000 EVs as part of their fleety by 2025. 

The goal of Newlab is to work with Mercado Libre to test commercially viable applications that can be deployed in Latin America and lead to both full product integration and/or investment.  To pilot as part of the studio, Newlab is now seeking companies (until September 4, 2023) in the following areas: Micromobility; Retrofit; Shared Private Charging; Portable Chargers; EV Planning and Live Optimization Platform; and Aerial Delivery.

photo: Mercado Libre delivery vans (courtesy of Mercado Libre)

Authored by: Daniel Bland