5 aoû 19
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Mexico to start "green" car legislation

Mexico’s environmental program Hoy No Circula (no circulating today) - which restricts vehicle operation in and around Mexico City - will be updated in January 2020, issuing special windshield stickers for “greener” car models.

Starting January 2020, vehicles possessing hologram stickers type 0 and 00 will not be restricted, enabling them to circulate on roads any day of the week. 

Only vehicles which comply with standard “C” of the NOM-042-SEMEARNAT-2003 regulation can receive a Hologram 0 sticker. Meanwhile, cars which comply with standard “C” and have an efficiency of 15km per liter or more will receive the Hologram 00 sticker.

Among the types of cars categorized to be unrestricted are electric, hybrid and natural gas vehicles, as well as those used for school, public safety, and dangerous residual transport.

Currently, among the models qualifying for the Holgram 00 sticker include the Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Ignis, Suzuki Ciaz, Ford Figo, and Volkswagen Vento, according to Mexico’s transportation news portal Transporte.mx.

photo: Mexico City traffic (source: Shutterstock)

Authored by: Daniel Bland