30 juin 22
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What driver infraction is committed every 12 minutes in Colombia?

What’s the fine for distracted driving in Colombia?

Although being distracted while driving in Colombia is not against the law, looking at a cell phone screen while behind the wheel is.

Despite being one of the most dangerous and irresponsible things a driver can do, this is the most committed infraction by motorists in Colombia (once every 12 minutes), according to the country’s road safety agency.

When a driver is not concentrated on the road, the risk of an accident quadruples and according to the World Health Organization, a car can advance at least 200km in 15 seconds when traveling at 50km/h.

In 2022, the fine for talking or texting on a cell phone in Colombia is 500,000 pesos (US$121). Paying your fine can be done face-to-face or online and discounts apply for those paying within 5 working days.

Drivers with hands free audio systems are exempt.

Authored by: Daniel Bland