10 mai 19
Fil d'Actus

400 more bikes for Philadelphia's bikesharing

Indego will expand its e-bike-share pilot programme in Philadelphia. By the end of the month Indego will have added 400 e-bikes to the 10 it already has today. In addition, 12 more docking stations will be integrated in the busiest areas. 

Because the fleet will consist of e-bikes, the fees will be higher, in light of the higher operational and maintenance costs. The move from push-bikes to e-bikes is part of a broader trend of bike sharing companies in the US who see a higher use of e-bikes than push-bikes, and therefore choose to convert their fleet into the latter ones. In the case of Indego, they have seen that e-bikes were ridden up to 10 times as often as standard bikes. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen