10 fév 22
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US, Mexico discuss energy reform which could impact EV usage

US, Mexico discuss energy reform which could impact EV use

 As companies around the world are working to meet climate goals, the United States is seeking to collaborate with Mexico in pushing the use of renewable energy and electric vehicles (EV) together with the private sector by way of financing and technological support.

“Mexico can play a vital, extraordinary role in our efforts to combat the climate crisis…we will be as helpful as we can be” said American politician and diplomat John Kerry during a visit to Mexico City on Wednesday (9 February).

The US is seeking to work with Mexico in strengthening the marketplace to be more open and competitive, according to Mr. Kerry who is also the first US special presidential envoy for climate. 

The visit was sparked by Mexico’s President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador seeking to change Mexico's power sector. President Obrador is looking to increase fossil fuel investments, favouring the country’s state-owned electricity company (contrary to USMCA rules), and limiting private and foreign firms investing in renewable energy. 

“There are opportunities for investment," says President Obrador, stating however that he wants to strengthen the CFE (Mexico’s state-owned Federal Electricity Commission) at the same time as well as achieve low-interest loans - as found in the US - for projects that favour the environment.

Photo: John Kerry met with Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard in Mexico City (source: Fernando Llano/Associated Press)

Authored by: Daniel Bland