1 nov 22
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US rural non-Interstate roads twice as dangerous

US rural non-Interstate roads twice as dangerous

Traffic crashes and fatalities on rural non-Interstate roads in the United States are twice what they are on all other roads, according to a report carried out by national transportation research non-profit TRIP.

In 2020, non-Interstate rural roads had a traffic fatality rate of 2.17 deaths per 100mn vehicle miles traveled (VMT), compared to 1.09 deaths per VMT on all other roads. While rural non-Interstate roads carried 23% of all vehicle travel in 2020, they represented 38% of all traffic deaths. 

According to researchers, the higher fatality rate can be attributed to rural road conditions like narrower lanes, limited shoulders, sharper curves, exposed hazards, and pavement drop-offs, Transportation Today reported.

According to the report “Rural Connections: Examining the Safety, Connectivity, Condition and Funding Needs of America’s Rural Roads & Bridges,” U.S. rural roads and bridges are facing a $180 billion backlog in funding for needed repairs and improvements.

Authored by: Daniel Bland