7 fév 18
Fil d'Actus

EV manufacturer Byton partners with self-drive specialist Aurora

Premium electric-vehicle (EV) manufacturer Byton has announced a partnership with Aurora, a self-drive tech company. The aim is to help Byton incorporate Level-4 (L4) self-drive capabilities, and eventually be among the first car manufacturers to bring L4 and ultimately L5 cars to market.

L4 cars can drive autonomously in most environments, but require human steering in some circumstances. L5 stands for full autonomy, no longer requiring human intervention. 

Over the next two years, joint pilots in California will see Aurora's L4 systems tested in Byton vehicles. The two companies will also explore the use of Aurora's self-drive systems in Byton's series production vehicles.

At CES 2018 in Las Vegas last month, Byton premiered a concept vehicle (pictured) and announced plans to market premium EVs for the Chinese market in 2019, and for the American and European markets from 2020. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs