26 avr 23

To control TCO, get smart about EV charging

Many fleets are already on the transitional journey to electrification with the primary focus on eliminating tailpipe emissions. 

However, charging is often an afterthought once the BEVs have been purchased. It shouldn’t be - especially for fleets. The when, where and how electric vehicles are charged will have a huge bearing on the Total Cost of Ownership, which is why the charging strategy should be front and centre of the EV shift. 

Smart EV charging, which is one of the key topics at the Global Fleet Conference in Portugal in May, refers to the use of advanced technology and software systems to optimize the charging process for electric vehicles (EVs). This includes using real-time data and algorithms to manage the flow of electricity to EVs, and to schedule charging times based on factors such as energy demand, grid capacity, and electricity prices.

For vehicle fleets, smart EV charging can help to reduce costs in several ways:

  1. Lower energy costs: By scheduling charging times during off-peak hours, when electricity prices are typically lower, fleets can reduce their energy costs.
  2. Reduced demand charges: Demand charges are fees that are based on the maximum amount of energy used during a given period. By using smart charging to manage the flow of energy to their EVs, fleets can reduce their peak demand, and therefore their demand charges.
  3. Improved charging efficiency: Smart EV charging can also help to improve the efficiency of the charging process, reducing the amount of time that vehicles need to spend charging and increasing the amount of time they can spend on the road.
  4. Reduced infrastructure costs: By managing the charging process more efficiently, fleets can reduce the need for additional charging infrastructure, which can be a significant expense.

Overall, smart EV charging can help vehicle fleets to reduce their operating costs, improve sustainability, and increase the reliability and efficiency of their operations.

Smart Charging is the first topic of the afternoon of 16th May at the GLOBAL FLEET CONFERENCE 2023, 15-17TH MAY, CASCAIS, PORTUGAL, the primary theme of which is Sustainable Procurement. Smart EV charging is a strategic way to control the Total Cost of Ownership of electric vehicles. REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Alison Pittaway