17 jan 19

Jeep launches two car-sharing pilots

FCA has announced two new car-sharing pilots for Jeep owners. For the first, the company is looking for Jeep owners to rent out their vehicles through Turo, a peer-to-peer car sharing platform. For the second, Jeep is teaming up with Avis Budget Group to let owners swap their Jeeps for other vehicles.

Both three-month pilots start in Boston and will be limited to the first 100 owners to sign up.

Turo, a self-proclaimed platform for motorists to offset their car payments, already lists 350,000 vehicles. Through its partnership with Avis Budget Group, Jeep owners will be able to swap their Jeep for another vehicle like a Ram pick-up or a Dodge Challenger.

“All these people who are casually going, ‘Is it for me or not for me?,’ I can then get them as potential prospects to sell them a brand-new Wrangler,” Tim Kuniskis (head of Jeep North America) said in an interview to Automotive News. “We’ll find out what’s good and what’s bad, what customers like and what they don’t like, and ultimately from that we’ll decide if we want to do this as something we promote to our dealerships at the time of sale.”

Other carmakers have also launched flexible car usage services, with mixed results. Cadillac has suspended its programme, BMW and Mercedes are having difficulty working out pricing.

Image: Jeep Wrangler (source: FCA)

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck