7 fév 19

Groupe PSA acquires TravelCar

Car manufacturer Groupe PSA is accelarating its developments to become a steady player in the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) arena, with the acquisition of TravelCar. Already two years ago Groupe PSA invested in the start-up, specialised in parking and car rental solutions.

Today TravelCar has 5,000 partner car parks and tens of thousands rental vehicles in its platform available for rental with more than 1 million users in over 60 countries. The acquisition by Groupe PSA needs to enable TravelCar to speed up the dissemination and optimisation of its services.

"With a million users, TravelCar is a major success,” commented Brigitte Courtehoux, Senior Vice President, Connected Services and New Mobility Solutions at Groupe PSA. “Through this acquisition, we are stepping up our support for the company and demonstrating our commitment to developing an efficient, sustainable mobility services ecosystem.”

For Groupe PSA its not the first move in MaaS. In February 2017 the mobility service Free2Move was launched. Free2Move allows users to identify nearby mobility services (e.g. shared cars, scooters or bikes from companies), compare their features, price and location, and reserve the vehicle of their choice for immediate or later use. Today the Free2Move mobility app has 1.5 million users in 12 countries.

Copyright picture: TravelCar

Authored by: Steven Schoefs