30 avr 19

Pan-European-American car-sharing

Car-sharing company Getaround is expanding on the other side of the ocean. The North American company has acquired Drivy, Europe’s largest and fastest-growing car-sharing platform. 

World leader

The $300 million investment should resulting in a leading global transportation and mobility company by combining the strengths of both carsharing leaders. Bringing the markets of Drivy and Getaround together results in a 300+ city-wide network, with 140 cities in the US and 170 cities in Europe. In total they serve more than 5 million users spread across Europe. Hence, the acquisition turns Getaround into the world’s leading carsharing marketplace. 

European leader

The Paris-based Drivy boasts 2.5 million users across Europe, where they establish peer-to-peer carsharing, easing instant renting and driving a car without the high cost of ownership. Drivy’s users can add their car to the Drivy app when not in use, so others can rent it. Sharing cars means sharing costs. 

Shared and connected

Getaround on the other hand can enhance the service for Drivy’s European customers with its Getaround Connect service. The technology enables users to locate and unlock their cars via their smartphone, making them accessible to more people throughout the day, rather than accessing a car by having to go to a dedicated station and/or making reservations in advance. Yet, Drivy already had the instant unlocking function in its smartphone app available as well, which removes the last burden of handing over keys physically.  

The future of both companies is not only shared but also connected. The business model and vision of both companies align perfectly to bring this vision into reality, and with each company's specific geographic experience and knowledge they could be able to provide the world’s leading carsharing platform. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen