27 juin 23
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Terra Tech unveils e-motorbike designed for UAE climate

Terra Tech unveils e-motorbike designed for UAE climate

Electric motorbikes – a booming industry in Africa – are going mainstream in the Middle East as well. Terra Tech, a Dubai-based EV startup, announced the arrival of the first batch of electric motorbikes to its premises in the UAE. 

The bikes have been developed and tested specifically to withstand the UAE’s desert climate. Another remarkable feature: Terra Tech’s e-motorbike has swappable batteries, eliminating the need for long charging times. 

Founded in 2021, Terra Tech focuses on Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) subscription models. The company is the region’s first provider of e-motorbikes with swappable batteries focusing on the B2B channel. 

“As our bikes undergo final testing, our focus has shifted towards finalizing agreements with prominent partners in the UAE’s last-mile sector”, says Hussam Zamar, Terra Tech’s founder and managing director. “Numerous partners are eager to invest in the future.”

Image: Terra Tech

Authored by: Frank Jacobs