4 avr 21

Fenix launches Bahrain’s first e-scooter service

Micro-mobility provider Fenix has launched an e-scooter service in Bahrain – the first such service in the kingdom. The scooters are pandemic-proof: they come with in-built hand sanitisers (see picture).

Fenix is a rapidly expanding start-up. The Bahrain launch marks its third country and fifth city in the Gulf area, all within the company’s first 100 days of operation. Its aim: to become the first micro-mobility operator with a presence in all GCC countries by 2022. 

Phased rollout
GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council, an organisation uniting all Arab states bordering the Persian Gulf except Iraq: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

The first place of operation for Fenix in Bahrain is The Avenues, a shopping and leisure destination at a seafront location in Manama, the country’s capital. Fenix will expand its operation to other locations throughout the country in a phased rollout.

Private subscription
Fenix sees its e-scooters as the ideal solution for realising the economic potential of densely populated urban centres that are struggling with congestion.  Since its start in November last year, Fenix has already launched e-scooter service in the UAE and Qatar.

Responding to the pandemic, Fenix was the first micro-mobility operator in the world to introduce integrated hand sanitation packs with every e-scooter. Fenix is also the first operator in the Middle East to offer a private subscription. MyFENIX allows users a dedicated e-scooter with unlimited rides, free insurance and maintenance, for a fixed weekly or monthly fee. 

Image: Fenix

Authored by: Frank Jacobs