6 aoû 19

Connector’s M15 event in Sydney: Flexible, Connected, Shared

Fleet and Mobility consultant Connector is gaining traction with its M15 client events. The principle of the M15s is simple: 6 vendors coming from various spaces in the supply chain meet with 9 fleet and mobility clients to start a dialogue.


Shane Curran, Director Connector APAC: “In the old and simple world of leasing, vendors and clients have come to some sort of an unwritten agreement about what the leasing product should look like. It started off pretty simple, but nowadays we have matrix contracts, various recalculation methodologies, modern reporting tools, online quotation tools and much more. These additions to the initial services have been created thanks to conversations between clients and suppliers.”

“Now, we’re in new territory, as mobility is slowly and gradually forging its place into fleet management. From our perspective as consultants, we see a lot of confusion, both on the client’s and vendor’s end. So we need to start up a new conversation – this is where the M15 comes into play.”

New services

Kota Tsuda, responsible for Marketing and Product adds: “The new supply chain is also a lot wider and a lot more dispersed than the leasing supply chain. We obviously see technology suppliers coming into the equation, but also new players, such as real estate people, especially the flexible working space providers. They add what we think is an essential piece to the puzzle: employee mobility is not only about “moving” people, but also allowing them to “move less”.

Speakers and guests

This year’s Sydney edition has the supply chain covered: there’s AfMA, the Australasian Fleet Management Association, Toyota Finance Australia, one of Australia’s leading multibrand leasing companies, Geotab, the telematics company, OviDrive, a successful startup in automated/AI powered fleet management tools and JustCo, Asia’s leading flexible workspace supplier. Connector will present its Total Cost of Mobility Calculator. This is a formula based decision aid to discover what a company’s mobility needs are and what elements need to be integrated: dedicated cars, shared cars, mobility solutions or flexible office space.


Connector has held M15s across Asia Pacific and is now back in Sydney, where it all began. Shane: “Clients and speakers love the format. It’s small, it’s focused, it’s educational and it’s free of charge. We want to avoid our attendees having to ask for budgets to their managers; they only invest time and get a lot in return. In exchange, it works on invitation only – we want to make sure we have a good mix of attendees.”

The Sydney M15 was quickly fully booked. GlobalFleet will share the content and outcome of Connector’s Sydney M15 in its APAC digest, end of August.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs