6 déc 18
Fil d'Actus

Bringing the scooterwar to Asia? Ask Neuron Mobility

The Singapore-based e-scooter startup Neuron Mobility has recently raised a $3.7 million seed round to explore overseas growth opportunities.

The startup has been offering e-scooters in Singapore since last year. However, in anticipation of new regulations by the Government in Singapore, the e-scooter fleet has been downsized. Therefore, currently the fleet of 1,000 e-scooters came down to a few hundreds.

Similarly to the stories in San Francisco and other cities around the globe, the e-scooters were impounded by the Singaporean government, due to parking and safety issues. To cope with this problem, Neuron Mobility charges its users now if they do not park in dedicated parking spaces, which is controlled by geofencing. 

This incident did not stop the startup from operating, as they see the service as ‘here to stay’. Moreover, they are talking with other city governments overseas to expand their service, such as in the Thai cities Bangkok and Chiang Mai. 

Neuron Mobility wants to provide a clear local answer for the e-scooter market, in contrast to Lime and Bird which are expanding in Europe and even in Asia. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen