24 mai 19
Fil d'Actus

Moovel acquires mobility incentives specialist Validated

Moovel, the leading mobile ticketing solutions provider in North America, has acquired Validated, a platform allowing corporates, retailers, institutions and others to subsidize transportation for their customers and employees. 
Specifically, the platform can incentivise traffic to bricks-and-mortar locations by offering ride subsidies to shared-mobility users. Validated’s solutions include:

  • Mobility Rewards: allows shoppers to earn mobility credits.
  • Ride Pass: allows companies to issue instantly redeemable mobility credits via SMS.

“As MaaS becomes mainstream, loyalty programmes and business partnerships will be an essential piece of the puzzle”, Nat Parker, CEO of moovel North America, explained the acquisition. 

“The addition of Validated provides us with a powerful tool to help transit agencies as they transition to become mobility providers. By offering new incentives for public transit and shared mobility services, we can strengthen cities’ transportation networks, reduce traffic congestion, and support local businesses.”

Validated will continue to operate as a separate brand and company. Moovel North America is soon to be renamed REACH NOW North America, a subsidiary of one of the five mobility joint ventures set up by BMW and Daimler. 


Authored by: Frank Jacobs